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Founded by a medical doctor, Health Trends helps seniors age safely at home through the use of assistive technologies.  It begins with an in-home safety analysis and consultation.

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Medical Alert Devices

Motion Detectors and Appliance Control Devices

Communications and Entertainment Devices

Medicine Management Devices

Aging Safely at Home….Live Independently with Assistive Technologies

Many Seniors Want to Age Safely at Home

There’s no place like home. It’s familiar, comfortable and given the opportunity, many (Read More…)

Health Trends helps seniors live safely at home through assistive technologies.

Through an in-home safety assessment and consultation (Read More…)

We research, test and review all the technology we recommend.

As baby boomers begin to retire, the advances in assistive (Read More…)

We’re with you from the first consultation, to the installation.

Health Trends offers expertise that goes beyond the in-home (Read More…)

medical alert device

Medical Alert Devices

This is a popular device for seniors living alone that enables someone who has fallen to get help quickly.  But not all devices are created equal. Health Trends assists in finding the right device for the right situation.


Medicine Management

These devices take the guesswork out of effectively managing medicine. There are a number of devices from which to choose. Health Trends guides clients to the best product based on specific needs.


Tracking Devices

This assistive technology helps in the care of a loved one with dementia or an individual with special needs. In addition to GPS, it can also provide fall detection.


Motion Sensors

Assistive technology that allow loved ones to monitor a senior living independently without intrusive cameras or daily inquisitive phone calls. Motion sensors record differences in daily routines that could be an indicator of a health problem.


Communications and Entertainment

There are a number of devices that make communication with others and entertainment as simple as a touch of a button! Health Trends can recommend technology for even the most resistant seniors.


Appliance Control

There are devices to help with appliance controls too! Be confident that the fridge is closed and the stove is off. One more way, that Health Trends creates a safe environment.